About Me

What's popping casual copes.shop website browser. I wanted to make this page to give new and old fans a mini history lesson of myself/brand and how it's evolved over the years.

I started my journey in 2014 with a love of fashion photography and taking creative photos of outfits. When I went to college and was required to take photos of other people, I started venturing into the world of concert photography and through that met many of the friends and associates I have and still work with today.

In 2018 I started experimenting with making merchandise by having photos I took turned into designs for artist's merch drops which was a huge hit. In the years since then I have continued to push myself at taking things to the next level and now create a wide variety of products from jewelry to baseball bats, even knives!

I believe that merchandise should be cost efficient, quality, and fun. I myself only work with artists who I love and support so I want you to know that everything I put out meets and exceeds the standards that a fan would hope for when buying merch. Any questions as always feel free to reach out the best way to reach me is my instagram @copes

Cherish you all and I hope to have you as a supporter for life